Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bone & Buddha Amulet Garland

This Bone & Buddha Amulet mala / garland necklace was care-fully constructed using small antique Yak Bone beads, an antique carved Bone to look like a tusk, a verdigris sealed, very intricately detailed Buddha pendant, small bone dangling beads and a single Salwag bead (I call these Salwag seeds 'nadi seeds'. The 'nadis' are the main nerve channels in our bodies that carry the energy and vitality throughout our physical bodies.They are such a vital part of our ability to BE on this earth.)

The bone tusk is a vintage adornment piece from the nomadic Kuchi tribes of Afghanistan/Pakistan (formerly India).

Bone is an amazing material to work with and wear. Along with being very healing, it is very grounding, yet also very energizing, elevating and soothing. The energy of bone helps us to elevate to the higher realms while connecting us deeply with the earth. It is also said to help increase bone density of the body. read more....

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