Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fragrant Sandalwood Bracelet Sets

A beautiful mala set: simple and beautiful, fragrant light sandalwood mala bracelet with a beautiful faceted multi-color Amazonite between two tiny copper beads and a faceted Amazonite mala with three fragrant Sandalwood beads between two Copper beads.

Fragrant Sandalwood possesses very high spiritual vibrations and is very protective and promotes spiritual awareness when worn. The olfactory characteristics of sandalwood are legendary. The warm, sweet, slightly spicy precious wood notes present a melodic blend which is at once distinct yet not overpowering. Sandalwood is a purifying and sanctifying, and it is often used to clear the mind for meditation or other mind work such as astral travel or energy healing. It offers psychic protection and spiritual healing. read more...

Or the same set as above, only with beautiful Purple Jade with fragrant Sandalwood.

Purple Jade is a very healing stone thought to heal and bring prosperity. It is said to bring one in touch with their emotions, especially the softer side. It is said to assist in honest communication and self control. It is often given as a gift to someone who has been hurt or disappointed by love.

Purple Jade is also said to help cure a headache and focus the attention and to bring good. The purple jade also plays an essential part in relaxing the nerves of people who are under great pressure. If work is challenging and energy-consuming, you can choose purple jade as an intimate companion in your working life. It is also said to uplift the mood greatly. When you are depressed or in low spirit, purple jade can give you a hand and highlight your mood to a large extent. read more....

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