Thursday, April 12, 2012

Inner Peace Garland


Care-fully created mala necklace or garland created with vibrant deep sky blue Sea Sediment Jasper beads, a Tibetan repousse Turquoise tusk, tiny dangling Sleeping Beauty Turquoise beads, two small sterling silver Hill Tribe beads from Thailand and an antique silver bell. This silver bell is a vintage adornment piece from the nomadic Kuchi tribes of Afghanistan/Pakistan (formerly India). (the bell makes a VERY faint and pleasant noise)

Jasper is a crystalline variety of Quartz. Jasper was highly valued in ancient times, not only for its beauty, but also for the reputed magical and medicinal properties. It is known as the "Patron stone of Counselors and Healers". Being very healing and balancing, it was used for many different medications in ancient times.

It is said Jasper balance yin & yang energies, clear electromagnetic and environmental pollution and... read more